ralph mayer
designer and print maker based in são paulo
↳ dentro / fora

Project developed based on exploratory and experimental analysis of Copan Building, which was materialized in a book  and in a set of 12 postcards, to explore the relationship of what is intimate and public, the inside and the outside of this microcosm that can be considered this famous building of downtown Sao Paulo.

The project was documented by a year with stories, conversations and photographic records which resulted in a book and a set of 12 postcards.

The book is structured in some reading levels: what is printed on tracing paper it's about the external part of the building, what is on the surface, cold and public records. Pollen paper, however, protects the private content, which is particular to each of its residents, those who see the building from a distance. There are two types of content in the book: the first are conversations with users of the building, approached in public areas of the building. All were motivated by the questions, "when you think of Copan, which image / picture pops into your head?". As a result, in a surprising way, the answers turned out to be an outburst. The second are photographic records of six different apartments, one on each Copan block. The publication invites the reader to find out what's behind the sinuous facade of the building.

The postcards are photographic records of the garage of the Copan building, a place that visitors are not allowed and which not all residents have known. This region is a hybrid between what is public and private. A poster containing the ground floor plan of the garage, surrounds and emphasizes the relationship of inside and outside.

Design: Ralph Mayer
Case photos: Henrique Smith



11th Brazilian Graphic Design Biennial
Emilie Chamie Award at ESPM Design Week